• Young Masters

    young masters 135

    What is Young Masters?

    Your child will be enrolled in the most comprehensive martial arts program available. By not learning just one particular style, but several. This is dedication training, belts are NOT given out in this program, they are earned.


    How and When?

    We have a capacity in our kids classes to guarantee a quality program. Children are encouraged to challenge themselves to train both mentally and physically. We don't use yelling as a tact, rather accountability. This is an elite children's program, not a day care.

  • Muay Thai

    muay thai 135

    What is Muay Thai?

    The Science of Eight Limbs is a very explosive striking art, where the practitioner will learn how to use their physical tools to defend themselves, all while having an intense workout.


    How and When?

    This is the time to get in shape and release some major stress. Running over 5 one-hour classes per week, we are able to have classes to fit everyone's schedule.

  • C.E.C.

    CEC 135

    What is C.E.C.?

    This is for students that are sick or board of the regular grind of the gym. Wanted to try fight training without the fight? Welcome to C.E.C.


    How and When?

    Most find it difficult to implement an effective training regiment into the daily routine. If your sick of making excuses to yourself, this one is it. Get up early, train hard, live life. That is all.

  • B.J.J.

    BJJ 135

    What is B.J.J.?

    he Gentle Art is a great way to experience the major benefits of cardio, strength and flexibility training, all while practicing a very practical martial arts style. It's all about hands on with this one.


    How and When?

    Like many trades, it's all about time in. Drilling and light rolling are what makes a practitioner good. Dedication is what makes you great. That's why BJJ is a perfect example of a style that fits a group class environment.

  • Kenpo Karate

    Kenpo 135

    What is Kenpo Karate?

    This is it, the university of Martial Arts training. If you not looking for the "get rich quick" Martial Arts program, you found it. This is NOT sport, this is the real deal.


    How and When?

    Kenpo is a program that needs to be trained in a private lesson format. It is very precise and requires dedication and practice to achieve goals. Injury? We work around it.